Logistics policy

1. Price structure

RMB, according to the charge of gram no fuel surcharge

2. Billing method

If the actual weight of the package is larger than the volume weight (the calculation method of the volume weight is: length * width * height cm/8000=KG), if the price of 0-2kg and 2-30kg is inconsistent, if the real weight of the product is less than 2kg and the weight of the package is larger than 2kg, the price of the 2-30kg segment will be charged.

3. Delivery attributes

Delivery properties of special products:

(1) Removable solid cosmetics (such as solid lipstick can be issued; Lip glaze, lip color not hair; Eye shadow blush and other powder cosmetics can not hair);

(2) Portable built-in lithium battery products (each small bag containing lithium ion and lithium gold can hold up to 4 battery cells or 2 batteries

A. Built-in lithium ion battery product: the lithium battery is installed in the equipment, the single battery is not more than 100Wh, and the individual equipment is packaged independently, and the equipment switch is insulated and disconnected.

Battery parameter calculation formula: built-in lithium ion battery: the maximum capacity of the battery cell shall not exceed 20Wh, and the maximum capacity of the battery shall not exceed 100Wh, Wh=V*Ah=V*mAh/1000

For example: a small fan (excluding magnetic), built-in battery parameters for 5V 200mAh, its battery capacity =5*200/1000=1 Wh

B. Built-in lithium metal battery products: the maximum lithium content in the battery cell shall not exceed 1g, and the maximum lithium content in the battery shall not exceed 2g;

(3) It is strictly prohibited to post articles in violation of Chinese laws, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Regulations and local laws. For example: fake brands, pure electricity, tobacco and alcohol, knives, e-cigarettes, lighters, liquid, powder, paste, food, medical equipment, drugs, firearms, plants, animals and plant seeds. In case of violation, the customer shall bear the losses, fines, customs clearance fees and other legal liabilities.

4. Declared value

(1) In order to facilitate customs clearance, it is better to provide sales links and customs codes

(2) The name of the declared product cannot be a general category, but must be a specific product. If not only declare electronic parts, components, etc

(3) All taxes and fees shall be borne by the sender and the sender shall declare the value of the goods truthfully. If the local customs suspects the understatement, taxes and fees shall be charged according to the value recognized by the Customs and shall be charged by the customer

Special note: If the customer agrees to accept our service, he/she will consider that he/she has read the remarks in this price list and the shipping terms of our company in detail, and will be bound by the terms

5. Compensation standard

In the global novel Coronavirus (WHO: COVID-19 Pandemic) epidemic period in 2020, the epidemic situation has been listed as a force majeure factor by the government department. Problems caused by the epidemic situation such as logistics service restrictions and temporary measures taken by service providers are not covered by our company's compensation.

(1) Deadline for acceptance of compensation: Inquiries can be submitted within 10 natural days from the date of receipt and Posting. If the package exceeds 60 days, inspection and claim will not be accepted

(2) Compensation standard:

A. Compensation standard for lost items before surfing the Internet: express items with receiving information or proof of delivery receipt and without tracking information online within 7 natural days after receiving and mailing; Compensation for the declared value of the goods (no more than 200 yuan/piece) + refund of freight (if collected)

B. Compensation standard for lost items online:

A. If the goods are lost after arriving at the service provider, after our confirmation, the freight will not be refunded and compensation will be made according to the declared value. The maximum is not more than 200RMB/ ticket

B. If the service provider's official website shows that the package has been received, but the recipient reports that the package has not been received, our company will assist in the inquiry, but will not provide compensation

C. If the overseas returned items are not returned, they will be destroyed by default and no compensation will be provided

(3) Claims:

A. The goods are lost between our company and the service provider, that is, the loss is confirmed before going online, and the compensation application needs to submit the proof

A. Yanwen has received and mailed or has received the receipt certificate signed by the driver

B. The goods are confirmed to be lost at the end service provider, that is, they are confirmed to be lost after surfing the Internet, and the compensation application needs to submit the proof

A. Screenshot of online transaction on the platform + screenshot of refund

B. If the goods are re-mailed without refund, the screenshot of online transaction + disputed content + the re-mailed tracking number of the platform shall be submitted

(4) Principles of compensation treatment: All the problems should be investigated first before compensation. Relevant information should be provided according to product requirements

(5) Disclaimer:

A. No compensation shall be accepted for packages that are found by service providers, airports or customs in the course of security check to be impounded, prohibited or returned due to contraband, infringing products or over-restricted products, and the sender shall be held liable;

B. Due to many factors beyond the control of cross-border logistics, fragile products will not accept any compensation for damage; No compensation shall be paid for the loss, damage, delay or customs detention of the goods caused by the aircraft failure, earthquake, strike, political factors, natural disasters and other force majeure. Not liable for the joint and several losses arising from the loss, damage, delay or confiscation of the goods; For high value goods, customers are advised to take out their own insurance

C. Due to the long transfer process of foreign returned parts, frequent inspection by the customs and many transfer links, the return process cannot be controlled. Therefore, our company is only responsible for returning the returned parts received, and will not undertake any compensation liability for non-returned parts, damaged returned express parts or missing inner parts

D. Special notice is attached for compensation for special line service. Compensation will not be accepted under the following circumstances

A. If the goods are withheld by the customs for reasons such as value declaration, intellectual property rights, local import ban, product certification, etc., it is not covered by the compensation, but will assist the sender in submitting the information

B) Compensation shall only be made according to the compensation standard of our company for the loss of the whole container and bag. Compensation shall not be accepted for the loss or damage of the contents